During these uncertain times we don’t want our customers to worry about any bookings you may have with us or wish to book with us.

We would like to re-assure you all that everyone at Dream Big Parties is taking this very seriously and have chosen to self-isolate our selves which means we will not be committing to any bookings during April or May and we have gotten in-touch with customers and given a full refund to those we’ve had to cancel ourselves

We are all very eager to get back to what we love doing best and that’s entertaining you all!


Phased Return

In June and July we will be offering 20 minute driveway birthday visits to wish your little one a special happy birthday safe at home. This will include us interacting with the family, smiling for photo's and with your consent playing our characters signature song at a respectful volume. We will also be taking photos and recording the day which we will be edited and available to be viewed and shared with family and friends who couldn't be present (this can also be sent to you if requested).

Bookings from August onwards

We will start Face Painting and Glitter Bundle bookings back up in August, we will be using a face mask and face covering and no quing/ hovering will be allowed from parents or other children a member of staff will ask each child if they would like their faces painted and any children wanting it done will be given a sticker and will be told to continue playing or remain seated until called across.

This way we can offer a safe one to one experience for your party guests.

Characters will still be limited at this time so we prefer you enquire and we'll discuss what we are able to provide and our entertainment packages.

We always take precautions at parties however this outbreak has made us reflect and evaluate how we can protect our staff and clients even further. During this time, we would appreciate your support with any changes we have made due to these factors.

Deposits - Deposits are non-refundable however we will hold your deposits for 12 months giving you time to re-plan and book in your dates with us. Once life is back to normal, please do get in touch with us and secure your future dates as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. To be clear If you wish to cancel your events you will get a full refund minus the deposit.